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Securing a sustainable future

Welcome to our sustainability hub

It’s clear that urgent action is required to protect our planet and move towards more sustainable ways of working. 

At Contego, we have the opportunity to lead the field in the PPE and workwear industry – raising standards for our customers, suppliers and peers by relentlessly seeking new and innovative ways to save energy, reduce waste and preserve resources.

The Contego sustainability hub is a live dashboard of our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy and ambitions across the business and we look forward to continuing the journey with you.

Nathan Lewis, Sustainability Director

Our mission statement

To continuously improve our operations to reduce our impact on the environment and to help safeguard the world's natural resources for future generations.

Carbon neutral

In 2023, we partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain with the aim of measuring and offsetting our organisation’s emissions in order to become Carbon Neutral.

Following calculation using the ISO 14064 and Greenhouse Gas Protocol Emissions Standard principles, it was confirmed in January 2024 that we had offset our 90.70 tonne carbon footprint to become a Certified Carbon Neutral Business.

Continuing to monitor and reduce our carbon emissions is engrained in our company culture, and we are extremely proud to display our Carbon Neutral Britain plaque at our head office.

Reducing waste

Communicating with our staff, clients and suppliers is crucial when it comes to reducing waste.

We are continually identifying areas we can reduce our usage, and that includes working with our suppliers to encourage the reduction of single use plastic packaging.

Our Head of Purchasing meets with our major suppliers twice annually, and our smaller suppliers once annually, to review our progress and detect ways we can improve.

From recycling plastic strapping and reducing waste to using plastic-free e-tape and sustainable packaging with reduced ink, we’ll continue to innovate without ever compromising on quality.

Great quality products also last longer and reduce waste. That’s why our Contego WEARMASTER® branded workwear has increased longevity.

Saving energy

In December 2019, we installed a state-of-the-art Solar Photovoltaic Panel system to help power our facility. 

It generates 16,435 kWh of energy annually, saves on average 3.92 tonnes of carbon annually, and is projected to save over 90 tonnes over its 25-year lifetime.

Sending energy

Excess energy produced from our Solar Photovoltaic Panel system is sent back to the national grid, enhancing the overall energy efficiency of our operations.

In 2021, we facilitated the installation of one of the UK’s largest Tesla Megapacks on our land. With 28 Tesla Megapack Batteries, the site features 34 megawatts of power capacity and 68 megawatt-hours of storage. This system stores renewable energy and feeds it back into the UK National Grid, contributing to the UK’s journey to net-zero.

Zero-emissions driving

Our relationship managers and new business team drive over 80,000 miles a year to meet our valued clients – by providing them with a new electric vehicle fleet, every mile we drive is a more sustainable one, powered by electricity to reduce our emissions.

Sustainable workwear

Look out for our Eco Product logo in our sustainable workwear range, featuring products that are certified as carbon neutral and end-of-life recyclable. We use REPREVE® performance padding made from recycled plastic bottles and post-industrial waste.

Our bespoke WEARMASTER® products are designed for longevity. We collaborate with manufacturers to produce environmentally considerate products, using bio-based plastics from nut and seed oils instead of synthetic polymers, as they biodegrade faster.

Supply chain

Our supplier selection process is rigorous, collaborating exclusively with partners and vendors whose environmental approach aligns with ours and who share our commitment to excellence. 

Our preferred suppliers are ISO 14001 or ISO 9001 accredited and those that will collaborate with us on innovative products and packaging.

We encourage transparency throughout the business and are regularly audited to maintain our certifications.

Local community

Contego has been based in West Sussex for 35 years. Supporting our local community is extremely important to us, and some of the ways we do this are by working with a supplier that’s located within a mile from our head office, providing work experience for local students and supporting over 450 local and national charities – with donations approaching £100,000.

Recycling PPE and workwear

When our products reach the end of their life, our customers can securely and responsibly dispose of them thanks to our workwear recycling scheme.

You can recycle helmets, PPE, textiles, hi-vis garments, footwear and plastic products.

We’ll supply the boxes to be filled, collect them and then process them to ensure waste materials are reused or repurposed and nothing ends up in landfill.

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